Being sick sucks

It’s just the common cold. Started with a sore throat, progressed to blowing my nose raw with a tree’s worth of tissues. It ruined my weekend plans, and I took two days off of work (the last just to be safe, I don’t like sharing disease) which, as a contractor, is a lot of money.

But, now I am on the mend – feeling 85% tonight – and I was struck by how luckily I was for my general well being. I mean, I complained, was grumpy, and let my man take care of me a bit (thanks, babe!) – but then I got over it. Well, I’m going to tomorrow, anyhow, and get back to work. Having health should never be taken for granted. It’s not like I have cancer, contracted ebola, or have a disability that restricts movement or any physical activity. I basically get to do whatever I want, just about whenever I want. That is pretty amazing – ’cause being sick sucks.

Have you ever found yourself forgetting to be grateful for your health? Know anyone that regularly isn’t and makes you grumpy? Share!

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