Bullying and Friends Online

I have not added people to my Facebook ‘friends’ list that I have not met. The list is literally my friends – or people that might soon be friends. So when I recently got a rash of comments that called me names and bullied me when I posted a video I found interesting from one moment from one night of Ferguson protests, I was shocked. How could this real life friend troll my thread then proceed to harass me and make grandiose claims about how I was spreading some sort of propaganda. I replied, stating I was insulted by his reply – which, of course, enraged this clearly sad, angry, lonely person to make a few more posts back, one of which was long and offensive to me. I can’t say that he used poor language, just a lot of accusatory finger pointing and name calling. All from a video I shared that I didn’t even leave a comment about. I initially did one more reply – then decided he was bringing out the worst in me and just deleted the post and removed him as a ‘friend’.

I was pretty shocked by this behavior. No friend of mine calls me names, bullies me, or questions my character/motives, especially over a stupid post on my Facebook feed. This person was actually an ‘adopted’ friend from my man’s group of friends, whom I think pretty highly of. I felt put in a strange position – and apologized to my man, but I could not be friends with this person any longer and was certainly not interested in seeing this person or attending an event that he was. No point in being around a person that hates you so much they felt the need to berate you online. #sorrynotsorry

I am open to other view points, I like arguing, in fact, but I won’t be silenced. If I like something – be it kitten videos or something more political I believe in – I am going to post it. I am going to stand by my convictions, my beliefs, no matter what names another person calls me. You should, too.

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