Damn, “news” and white people make me facepalm…

I was going to be all grumpy about how people come into work sick and infect anyone else – I have gotten down right rude about it by complaining loudly every time they cough. Then I thought I might complain that loved ones hate when I hike / camp / backpack alone but how I like the solitude plus going at my pace without slowing anyone down or being slowed down by my group. Instead, today’s topic is about how totally pointless TV news is now. Specifically, this is about white people turning a pumpkin festival into a full-fledged riot, and how somehow it’s seen as ‘silly’ vs. mostly peaceful protests in Ferguson are portrayed as dangerous – something I can only attribute to rampant racism.

Read the story: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/10/whites-riot-over-pumpkins-in-nh-and-twitter-turns-it-into-epic-lesson-about-ferguson/

Search for some epic tweet responses with #keenepumpkinfest including my favorites/snarkiest:

“Why are they tearing up their own community?”

“Where are the leaders in the white community? They need to speak out.”

“If white people continue to glorify pumpkin violence in their culture they deserve the spice-latte thug stereotypes.”

Your thoughts? Or, better yet, share you favorite tweets that point out the sad irony of the whole affair.

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