Don’t rush me.

Look here, I am working on it. I’m kinda busy, with a lot of things, and making room to get a new blog up and running is difficult to squeeze into my schedule. Help a girl out, buy a shirt to support me – maybe it will make me work faster.

The back story: I was pretty unhappy at my last gig. Not because it was stressful, or that I had to commute very far, or that it paid crappy. I have a strong need to stay fresh with front-end coding and UX design standards, and I wasn’t getting that. Plus, I am fairly shitty at being bored. So, I was very grumpy for a few months there at the end, which led a co-worker to draw me on a white board while he mocked me with “Oh, boo-hoo, I’m bored.” Oddly, the now infamous face was just perfection in my eyes. A true work of art. Interestingly, I believe it looks more angry than grumpy the longer you stare at it, which I find fascinating.

The face also really drove home that I need an attitude adjustment, but I cannot fix my snarky response to most life situations permanently, so I have decided to vent using as an alter ego. I hope you enjoy it. Or don’t. It’s just the internets, don’t take my ramblings too seriously.

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