Tattoo Cherry is Popped

Well, that’s it then. “Gods” be good, I actually got myself inked. Being a commitment-phobe, this is a pretty big deal. I am also very self critical and a perfectionist, so it will be quite the test to see if I can deal with how ink ages with me. All that said, it’s just a three-quarter-inch Canadian-flag maple leaf (red filled, lined in black on recommendation) on the inside of my left wrist (lower than the creases after much debate). I got the ‘it was meant to be there’ feeling, so that part is easy – now to see how it heals and basically over analyze everything, as I am wont to do.

The ‘grumpy’ part of this rambling comes from my love-hate (well, mostly hate-like) relationship with in-person attention: realizing that I’m going to hear “From Canada, EH?” from Americans forever.

LOL! I didn’t think about that… oh, well.

The good news? Everyone seems to like the placement and angle, so my “yes” to the silly question (which might be an ice breaker vs just dumb, actually, now that I think about it) seems to followed by a compliment. Seems people that profess “I don’t like tattoos” all like this one… Plus, I don’t really go out much and mingle with the masses, so it’s not likely to happen often beyond checkout grocery clerks.

Then again, I’m 38 and have really entered a who-gives-a-shit mode which, coupled with impulsiveness and routine mini-obsessions with new creative endeavors, leaves me instantly wanting another (and much larger) piece. Trying to wait – and I have at least 5 other hobbies laying about I could pick up again to bide my time.

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